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Travel Clinic - Liverpool


Alio Travel Clinic is conveniently situated in Liverpool city centre.


We all hope our trips abroad are stress free and enjoyable.

Unfortunately problems can arise, but with a little forward planning some can be avoided.


We aim to provide you with up-to-date travel advice and medical guidance.


We also offer travel vaccinations and medicine required for your destination country.

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We would recommend that you seek travel advice as early as possible, but we understand that this is not always possible. Please feel free to ring us to book an appointment.



At Alio's Travel Clinic in Liverpool we can:



To help you prepare for your trip you may find these travel questions helpful.


Or you may want some information on common travel health problems such as Malaria or Heat Stroke.



Check out our 4 'P's check list below




plan       pack       prevent       prepare




Map your trip (climate, roads, transport, security, sanitation/hygiene, political and geographical circumstances on your travel).

Have your list of contacts (embassy address, travel agency and emergency numbers).

Inform a family member, a close friend, the embassy or Home Office on your destination(s).


Appropriate clothes and gear for climate, activity and culture requirements.



Valid documents, passport, visas, drivers licence, yellow fever certificate, personal medication in original boxes with GP letter, travel insurance , currencies, traveller’s cheques and credit cards.


Avoidable accidents, Avoidable illnesses, Your travel health vaccinations, Malaria prophylaxis.





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